Touchless Wash

High pressure pre-wash for under chassis & wheels. Smart 360° rotating arm for spraying water and wash products with high-precision efficiency. Various wash speeds available to suit your needs.

Accurate & Efficient

Hydro Wash features a 100% accurate measurement, which results in less water, electricity and wash product being used, without sacrificing results.


An air drying system that controls the airflow and reduces wind drag to dry the car’s surface. The fast high-speed airflow is minimized prior to hitting the car body. This results in a quicker and better drying cycle while preventing any damage to the customer’s vehicle..


The Hydro Wash in-bay automatic car wash raises the standard for touchless car wash equipment. Our system’s key features were designed and built with revenue enhancement in mind, which allow us to deliver the industry’s best return on

Our smart technology enables our system to adapt to dynamic conditions in the wash bay and optimize the wash process. Faster wash speeds lead to shorter lines, increasing business volume and keeping customers happy by reducing longer waits. Our simplified machine design and lower energy & utility usages reduce operating costs, which result in more revenue and profits.

Key Features

• Intelligent unmanned wash system & self-service card payment system
• Smart 360° technology
• Intelligent product mixing system
• Innovative suspension system without resistance rails
• Unique embedded fast air-drying system
• Digital voice security alarm system
• Faulty self-checking system
• One key anti-frozen system

Our Showroom

View a live demo of the Hydro Wash System at North Shore Auto Wash located at our business address. Visit for more info!